For a detailed description and to place your bid, please click on the package image.

For cascading closing, all auction packages will be grouped into sections and each section will have a set closing time. After the first section is closed, each section closes sequentially every 10 minutes. This will allow you enough time to place your final bids when a section closes, then shift your attention to the next round of items that is about to close.

Maximum bidding gives you the option to set a maximum price you would be willing to pay for an item, and then the system will automatically bid for you by a pre-determined bid increment to keep you in the lead until your maximum bid is reached. Maximum bids can be adjusted if you are outbid.

BID GROUP A- this board will close at 8:30PM on November 13th.

BID GROUP B- this board will close at 8:40PM.

BID GROUP C- this board will close at 8:50PM.

BID GROUP D- this board will close at 9:00PM.